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Becoming Trauma-Informed OPEN DOORS EVENT

6:30 pm / 3925 Willard Farrow Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28215 (Corner of Tipperary and Shamrock)

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We can do this

Make Charlotte the Most Welcoming City

Raising Awareness of the Thousands of Refugees and Immigrants Living in Our Community

Being a funding member of the World Refugee Day Charlotte Planning Committee, we organize events to celebrate refugees in Charlotte. These events happen on or around June 20 (World Refugee Day) and their nature vary from year to year. See what we have done here!

We also organize International Potlucks at our center and invite our families and the entire community to bring a traditional dish to share it with their new neighbors, while learning about each other.


Community Contributions

We want our American neighbors to learn about all the challenges refugees and immigrants face as they arrive to the US.

But moreover, we wish to emphasize the strength refugees and immigrants bring with them and the positive economic and cultural contributions they make to our nation and its communities.

To this end, we regularly share via social media new studies, research and resources that show these contributions.

Myth vs. Reality

What Can You Do?

PARTICIPATE! Spread the word. Invite friends to our events. Become a supporter to many parents who are in need of guidance while navigating their new reality. Donate furniture/linens/house items to the resettlement offices.

Defending Rights

Unfortunately, in many cases, refugees and immigrants are taken advantage of because of language barriers, or their desire to not get in trouble for reporting abuses.

Housing: We have learned of families being evicted from apartments without reason, being discriminated against, being charged by complexes management for apartment repairs, charged excessively for utilities, or not getting their apartments cleaned from mold.

To this end, we work tirelessly with other non-profits, advocacy groups, government agencies, and faith based organizations to ensure every refugee and immigrant family is treated fairly. We report the discrimination to the authorities with the family’s permission.

What Can You Do?

When we are notified that one of our families is likely being taken advantage of, we do everything in our power to find the problem, and then mediate to solve it.

In some cases, the process takes time and a lot of energy. Please contact us if you’d like to become an advocate and help our families find justice when issues arise.

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