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Becoming Trauma-Informed OPEN DOORS EVENT

6:30 pm / 3925 Willard Farrow Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28215 (Corner of Tipperary and Shamrock)

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Love Education Respect Diversity

Are You a LERD?

What is a LERD?

The foundation of ourBRIDGE is our four values. Love, Education, Respect, and Diversity support, and are supported in everything we do. These values allow us to create an organization that grows with its communities needs in a sustainable, impactful, and responsive way.

LERD is a person who lives by Love. Love connects us to ourselves, each other, and our community. It is shown throughunderstanding and compassion.

LERD is a person who values Education. Education is the gateway to a better future.

LERD is a person who Respects their neighbors. Respect allows us to acknowledge and honor each human being’s right to their own experience.

LERD is a person who celebrates Diversity. Diversity demonstrates the vastness of the human experience and invites us all to the table to share those experiences for the benefit of our worldwide community.

So, are you a LERD?