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Becoming Trauma-Informed OPEN DOORS EVENT

6:30 pm / 3925 Willard Farrow Drive, Charlotte, NC, 28215 (Corner of Tipperary and Shamrock)

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Community Partners

Aldersgate is our strongest partner! After a year of due diligence, Aldersgate offered ourBRIDGE a beautiful 6,000 sq ft building in its campus for $1/year. This partnership allowed us to expand our programs to include fifty Middle schoolers and brought our program closer to the families we work with on the East side, cutting down their commute from the schools they attend, and make our parent workshops and meetings more convenient for families.

In order to continuously improve our program and show our efficacy, we have partnered with UNCC to lead a 2-year evaluation/research study of our program to quantify long-term impact and identify areas of improvement.

We are happy to have partnered with many organizations in the city to strengthen our mission to support the acculturation and education of newly arrived children and their families.

Strategic Partnerships

Strategic partnerships are critical to the success of ourBRIDGE, enabling us to reach a broader audience and expand our impact on the lives of refugee and immigrant children and their families.

For more information about becoming a partner, please contact