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May 3rd, 2019 / News & Press

Charlotte X Kumasi

Through the generous support of the City of Charlotte International Cabinet, the Charlotte X Kumasi Art Project & Festival came to fruition through the shared belief in our LERD values.

The project shows: LOVE to our global partners and people because everyone has a story to share, EDUCATION of ourselves and others about who we are and what makes Kumasi so special, RESPECT of our various world-views and artistic expressions, and DIVERSITY through seeking to understand and celebrate the perspectives, beliefs, and culture of others.

One of the most powerful aspects of ourBRIDGE for KIDS is our people! Our staff, volunteers, and supporters are motivated, inspiring, and incredibly diverse. We could not have dreamed-up this project without Mr. Emanuel. Mr. Emanuel is a graduate student at UNCC and is originally from Ghana. He connected us with his sister, Gerogina Osei, who continues to do outreach to students at various primary schools in Accra and Kumasi, Ghana.

Through this partnership, we were able to connect with the Methodist Primary School of the Ash-Town Community in Kumasi, Ghana. Students there are engaging in art projects that showcase what they know and love about Kumasi to be shared with our students here in Charlotte.

ourBRIDGE for KIDS deeply believes that all voices, all stories, all experiences matter. We know that art has been one of the most transformative vehicles for expression and learning. We knew immediately we wanted this project to be art-based as a way to build understanding and community on a global scale.

To celebrate, we are hosting the Charlotte X Kumasi Art and Culture Festival on May 18th, 2019. At the festival we will showcase the artwork and art-processes of the students in Kumasi alongside art work from our students. The festival will include a DJ playing music from Ghana and West Africa, the Harvey B Gannt Museum art-tent, a dance performance by local performers from the MufukaWorks Dance Company, food from Mama G’s, and so much more! We are beyond grateful to have partnered with the City of Charlotte for this grant and look forward to truly celebrating our transatlantic partnership with Kumasi.

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